Wow! The Importance Drinking of Warm Water

Drink water warm
The Importance Drinking of Warm Water. Do you have a habit of drinking cold water? early riser joints pain, waist pain?.
Water is the main component of cell and body tissue. Approximately 83 percent of the blood is also made ​​up of water, which helps get rid of toxins and waste products that can inhibit weight loss.

People Chinese and Japanese have a habit of drinking warm water, instead of cold drinks.

It is time we adopt the habit of drinking water as warm as they. This is because most of us are still happy to drink cold water after a meal. Hot weather lately it makes us tend to choose a cold drink on a warm current from after lunch.

Orange ice or iced tea is a favorite drink when eating lunch. Cold drinks will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed and other effects of cold water which slows the digestion of food.

When this sludge reacts with stomach acid, the precipitate will be divided and absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Just for a moment, mixed with freezing nutrients will turn into fats and lead to cancer.

So it is better to drink / eat hot soup or warm drink after a meal. Drinking cold water or ice is fresh after a meal, but it will be fatal.

"Ice water will solidify the oily stuff that we just ate. He will slow down the digestion process'.

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In contrast to the warm water. If we importance drink warm water after a meal, the food digestion process will be smooth. Greasy food will be processed by the intestines smoothly, so that it can keep you from obesity.

Warm water also has the benefit of blood circulation in the body. Diligent drinking warm water can make your body stay slim. Hot water can also be used to treat various skin diseases, treating paralysis, such as stroke. Drink and a hot bath can help strengthen the back muscles and ligaments as well as expedite the circulatory system and respiratory system.

Maintain health Infants and adults so the importance of warm water. Gradually heat effects can accelerate blood vessel, improve blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, prevent muscle stiffness, relieve joint pain and stress Overcome mind .

Although drinking warm water can help you lose weight, but you still have to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly for a long period, so getting a healthy weight loss. Although water is essential for health, but water does not provide all the nutrients your body needs and 
The Importance Drinking of Warm Water.
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Healthy regards ....

Written by : dr . Nasrudin Latif , M. Pd
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Great posting, but human body is amazing creation of almighty god. We only can observe naturally of process. But so many things couldn't solved n still mysterious. Human through their docters mostly just can predicted by observation n usually happen of human body condition as experience case or human habitual. Trial and error analyse and activity of scientists. So fr me some opinion scientists it may suit to some people but have possibility not too fit to the other one. It's depend to personal healthy body condition and how they grow of its civil society and social condition around. welfare or reverse. I mean, physically human body can react to our condition and can adapted to what usually their consume. Their social condition and habit will create different cases of human body. That' s what i mean of amazing creation of God to human body physically. Miracle and perfect creation. So... it's mean we only can suggest the good one base on some Generally case but its have possibility to be reverse. Btw... it's a good posting. Thx alot to share it docter.


Well thanks for the input, hopefully making enlightened and grateful to the grace of God to keep a better body. Thank you for visiting the "Wow! The Importance of Drinking Warm Water"


Yup, U're welcome bro... I appreciate and applause to U're efforts sharing knowledge to others. May God bless U n Wish U always be happier, healthy and welfare.


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