Jima '(Having Sex) and Benefits

When talking about the relationship of husband and wife (jima '), we will certainly have a different perception. Some are happy to do at night once a week. Some do every day (for those who have a great libido), someone has to do every Friday night (sunnah of Prophet), and there is a do it without knowing the time. All of them are OK. And it all worth worship if you do it with the intention to be happy your husband or wife as well as the intention to worship Allah.

In this article, I want to share to the husband or wife, that copulate in the morning has a different sensation. It's not easy to encourage couples to engage in sexual activity in the morning. Need a good mood from the couple when he opened his eyes. Should ignore the mess or the first appearance of the less savory breath in the morning.

To anticipate you can brush your teeth before going to bed and provides some sweets at your bedside. Try to install an alarm early so your time is not compromised. Not funny if you're late for work and your boss reprimanded only for reasons of sex in the morning. Women also need time to be unconscious when he woke up. Sometimes maybe you are already doing, but not necessarily your spouse. Calculated with a good time for him to really woke up, foreplay also afterplay. You can start by gently caressing her face. Give him a kiss gently around her face and body. Let your fingers play with her hair.

Sensual approach will make him wake up with a positive mood. He will feel very loved and makes it much more likely to enjoy sex in the morning. Some women feel sexy when he does not wake up. Convincing him this morning how beautiful she could make it more fun. If there is a problem with facing position maybe you could try and stimulate hug from behind. It's quite romantic and sensual.

Clearly, sex in the morning is usually more severe the condition of your bed and your partner is quality. Usually the man's weapon will automatically wake up as a sign of hormone testosterone is still ok. Therefore, why you has to wait too long??

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Currently I do it fr once in 2 month, Last 14 years i do it almost every day. My libido being decreased actually. Any solution docter??? Thx


Solutions healthy sex and libido disorders:
1. Reduce the tension of mind
2. Consumption karbohoidrat enough and protein
3. Physical exercise in order to smooth blood circulation
4. Do the romance of the couple?
5. Reduce smoking, sleep at night, resting enough
6. Looking for a comfortable vacation spot


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