Best Pro Antivirus Premium 2014 is lightweight, fast, free and very intelligent detecting the virus locally and internationally. Supports Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 to version 32/64 bit.

Recommend this antivirus because previously we used a variety of antivirus free and premium (paid) but it makes a slow PC and notebook very slow is loading.

Baidu Antivirus Pro version by manufacturer in Beijing claim Free Forever. After I try and install malware virus and spy turns aplenty in PC and quickly detected and automatically clean. So wait no more, download on the link below this post.
For international Antivirus advantage of this can be felt itself, in addition to USB (flasdisk and removable media) protected, you can see the screen shot below:

And another advantage many more. Download directly from the manufacturer to look at the picture below:

We recommend select the number 2. For number 1 just download and process Instalernya install it should be connected to the internet. For number 2 after the download is complete can be directly installed.

Please Download here (18mb) directly from the server
How to download Click here
Hopefully useful and help friends who are looking for the best antivirus ..........
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